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Corn Salad                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. *Acceptance is guaranteed upon GSC's receipt of initial payment. Cauliflower                                          @1.@2.@3M@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Extreme Minimum Temperate −20.6 to −17.8°C (−5 to 0°F) The climate in this region is humid-continental, with changeable weather patterns (Köppen Dfb/Dfa). Warrigal greens                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Rhubarb                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Zone 7b 5°F to 10°F. Sunflower                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. While a speedy 5G rollout depends on a number of factors including the company providing the network, we know of a few that have live 5G networks running in the country. Zone 5 has medium length growing season. Kale                                          @1.@2F@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Check out this wonderful lineup and reserve your favorites right away. It has a magnificent smell, so it can be cut from your plant and used to make your home smell more pleasant. Chayote squash                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Rutabaga                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Yam/Oka/Oca                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Vegetable oyster                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Zone 8b 15°F to 20°F. Luffa/Loofah                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Potato                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Capsicum                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. See more ideas about Toronto gardens, Perennials, Shrubs. For example, if you have a plant that is hardy to Zone 5 and you live in Zone 6, the plant should be happy in your garden (as long as it receives appropriate care – e.g., sun exposure, soil type). These trees are adapted to sites in their native habitat that regularly experience prolonged dry spells … Remember the first few years of life is critical to the survival of any type of tree. Extreme Minimum Temperate −26.1 to −23.3°C (−15 to −10°F). Snow Peas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. In the Zone 5 garden, annuals begin to flower in early summer and continue to bloom until killed by freezing weather. Yours sounds like a simple question, but it’s not! Swiss Chard                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Be aware of the hardiness zone of your area before you decide to buy plants. Note that the “hardiness index” has changed in Toronto from 62 [1961-1990 data; this number corresponds to zone 6a] to 70 [1981-2010 data; this number corresponds to zone 7a]. Swedes                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Chinese cabbage                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Lo Bok                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Gobo                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Canada. Fennel                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Celeriac                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Broad bean                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Sunchoke                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Digitalis plants are tall, slender perennials at 2 to 5 feet tall and just 1 to 2 feet wide. Some plants might not survive over winter! Burdock                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Chilli peppers                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Tomatillo                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Jul 4, 2014 - Explore The Metalady's board "ZONE 5 PLANTS", followed by 2918 people on Pinterest. As well, in Canada, a hardiness zone change is afoot, with Toronto gradually moving from Zone 6a to 7a, based on updates using more recent data. Ladyfinger                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Their height makes them good choices for the back row of a layered flower bed. Turnip                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Canada Zone 6b - Temperate Warm Summer. Drought-Tolerant Trees For Zone 5 & 6. Winged bean                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Cardoon                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. As an example, Quebec City in Canada is located in zone 4, but can rely on a significant snow cover every year, making it possible to cultivate plants normally rated for zones 5 or 6. Broccoli                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Amaranth                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Mangetout                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. You'll like its horizontal plant form if you're looking for a selection that doesn't get too tall (3 feet) but that spreads and puts out big, tough roots that will stabilize the ground on a slope. Carrot                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Custom programming and server maintenance by Reinvented Inc.. Connect With Us The range of minimum average temperatures for zone 5 is between -20°F and -10°F or -28.9°C and -23.3°C. You are eligible to apply for SureHealth insurance plans as long as you are a Canadian resident, you have valid provincial health insurance plan coverage (Quebec residents must also have RAMQ), and you are under 80 years of age. Arugula/Rucola                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8.@9S@10.@11.@12. Lemon Balm                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Or worse if its like people hre are saysing and toronto is listed zone 6 ro 7 and I try growing tender stuff. Rockmelon                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. All but one are cold-hardy to at least Zone 5. The ‘Plant Hardiness Zone Map of Canada’ outlines the different zones within Canada in which various types of trees, shrubs and plants will most likely survive. Marrow                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Pak Choy/Choi                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. But, in Montreal , located to the southwest in zone 5, it is sometimes difficult to cultivate plants adapted to the zone because of the unreliable snow cover. Okra                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Parsnip                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6.@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Coriander                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Regional Gardening, Hardiness Zones, Canadian Climate. For example, see Natural Resources Canada’s  Plant Hardiness Zone by Municipality . Bok Choy                                          @1@2.@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. With the … Parsley                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Dasheen                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Watermelon                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Savory/Bean Herb                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Long Yam                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Cape Gooseberry                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Brussels sprouts                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. If you are planning to buy a shrub, perennial or tree, you need to make sure that this new plant will tolerate year-round conditions in your area. Choko                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Chicory                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Leeks                                          @1.@2F@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Think of the minimum winter temperature in your area in a typical year. Taro                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Spring and fall vary considerably from year to year, prone to frosts and sudden changes in conditions. Select them carefully, and they will fit almost any situation in your garden. Snow and ice are dominant during the winter season. Oct 7, 2019 - Explore Karen Goodwin's board "Gardening in Canadian Zone 5" on Pinterest. Witloof                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Florence Fennel                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Fill up large growing containers with a good quality potting mix until each is approximately three-fourths full. Sage                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Courgette                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. 20°F to 25°F Zone 9a. Radicchio                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Radish                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Or you can make your own by mixing together 2 parts peat moss, 1 part loam and 1 part sand or perlite. Canteloupe                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Cowpeas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. 0°F to 5°F Zone 7a. Natural Resources Canada’s website includes several links intended to clarify the hardiness zones, but which seem instead to be very complicated and confusing. Beetroot                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Asparagus pea                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. I think it may be 5b, but want to confirm. Cucumber                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. (in terms of Canadian Zones). Thus, a USDA zone 4 plant would actually be a zone 5 plant in the Canadian system. Sweet Marjoram                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Sep 5, 2018 - Native perennials, shrubs and trees for zone 5/6 Toronto gardens. Southern peas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Beans dwarf/bush                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Zone 5 Annuals: Nine Tried and True Performers Annuals are plants that germinate from seeds, grow, flower, produce seeds and die in one season. Vietnamese Mint                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Many fruit trees are hardy to Zone 5, including: Harrow Delight pear; Honeycrisp apple; Native pawpaw trees; Pink Lady apple; Snow Beauty peach; Superior plum; Warren pear; Herbs to Grow in Zone 5. Water Chestnut                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Artichokes globe                                          @1.@2.@3M@4.@5.@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Shallots                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Strawberry seeds                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Gai choy                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Tomato                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Mibuna                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Horseradish                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9S@10.@11.@12. Sweet Potato/ Kumara                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. See more ideas about zone 5, plants, green barn. These dates will vary a week or two so it’s important to watch the weather before planting. If your garden needs a pop of colour, flower farmer Sarah Nixon shares the best perennials to plant in Canada and how to care for them. Black eye peas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Lavender is a lovely smelling plant that can be found in hardiness zones five through eight. The two most commonly referenced hardiness zone maps are those produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) and Natural Resources Canada … Canada’s hardiness map is divided into 9 zones (from 0, which is the harshest, to 8, the mildest; sub zones (e.g., 5a or 5b) are provided for all zones except 8, which consists of 8a only). Sweet corn                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Endive                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Plans are provided by Green Shield Canada (GSC). The figures below offer a general guide to determining Plant Hardiness Zones. Canada is joining many other countries in releasing a 5G network over the coming years. The hardiness map of Canada divides the country into 9 zones (0-8, 0 being the coldest zone and 8 the warmest). If you want to grow ginger in Zone 5, you will need to plant it in a container and overwinter it indoors, since ginger plants are not frost hardy. When selecting plants for your garden, choose those rated for more hardy zones, to maximize chances of survival. 15°F to 20°F Zone 8a. Rainfall is moderate. Mangle Wurzel                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Further from the lake or in a more exposed area, your garden could be in Zone 5a or 5b. Sweet peppers                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Maize                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. French tarragon                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Peas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. @12. Mitzuna                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Spring onions                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Previous Next. Spinach                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Rosella                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Lettuce                                          @1.@2F@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Aubergine                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. 777 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto, ON, Canada M3C 1P2 | Phone: 416-397-1345, Copyright © Toronto Master Gardeners 2019, Gardening Guides provide introductory information on a broad range of horticultural topics. Vegetables to Plant in Canada Hardiness Zone 5b - Sowing Guide & Advice Towns include: Ottawa, Barrie, Guelph, Kanata, Moncton, Peterborough, Fredericton What to Plant When in Your Locality Home --- Squash                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Garlic                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. This region has a sunny humid continental climate (Köppen Dfb) with four distinct seasons. If there is a one-zone difference, it’s because the two countries don’t use the same criteria in creating their hardiness zone maps. Pumpkin                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. In order to grow a bountiful vegetable garden or a lush flower garden, you need to know the climate for your growing area. Yacon/Sunroot                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Chinese parsley                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. For example, Edmonton is located in zone 3a, Winnipeg is in zone 2b and Ottawa is in zone 5a. See more ideas about Plants, High country gardens, Zone 5 plants. Tumeric                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Belgian endive                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. So when you read an American gardening book, Canadians have to mentally add 1 to the zone listed to obtain the right zone. Discover The Best Flowers And Plants For Zone 5 & 6 Gardening. Planting zones define, generally, which plants can survive winter in your area, and the zones are typically listed in plant growing guides for reference. Angelica                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. In many areas there are large seasonal contrasts. Cotoneaster horizontalis (zones 5 to 7) is another choice from the shrub world that is among the best plants for erosion control. Quinoa                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Napa cabbage                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Rocket                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8.@9S@10.@11.@12. Hot peppers                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Perennial herbs hardy for Zone 5 gardens include: Hybrid mints; Large-flowered calamint; Lavender; Flowers to Grow in Zone 5 Finocchio                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Mizuna                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Chives                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Using historical climate data from Canadian National Climate Data Archive, this interactive map created by Plantmaps covers Canada which ranges from Zone 1a to Zone 10b. Borage                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. It combines information about a variety of climatic conditions across the entire country to produce a single map. Below is a list of common perennial flowers for zone 5: Hollyhock; Yarrow; Wormwood; Butterfly weed / Milkweed; Aster; Baptisia; Bachelor’s Button; Coreopsis; Delphinium; Dianthus In fact, bulb plants have many varieties that will naturalize in zone 5, including: Tulips; Daffodils; Hyacinths; Alliums; Lilies; Irises; Muscari; Crocus; Lily-of-the-valley; Scilla; Zone 5 Perennial Plants. If your area constantly deals with drought you will want to consider trees listed as drought-tolerant. Japanese radish                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. (in terms of Canadian Zones) When selecting plants for your garden, choose those rated for more hardy zones, to maximize chances of survival. With a last frost date of May 15th and first frost date of October 15th. Jerusalem Artichokes                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Bell peppers                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Zucchini                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11. Fava bean                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Onion                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. We've got all your favorite shade-tolerant plants in hostas, heucheras, bleeding hearts, plus lots of other beautiful and vibrant varieties. Daikon                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. To determine zone number, Canada uses a formula that consists of 7 climate variables. Toronto is generally considered  Zone 6. Canada's plant hardiness map provides insights about what can grow where. Cabbage tight-headed                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Lamb's lettuce                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Cilantro                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Coldest Temperature in your local region = Your Zone-45°C (-49°F) – Zone 1-45 to -40°C (-49 to -40°F) – Zone 2-40 to -35°C (-40 to -31°F) – Zone 3 Mint                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Sugar/Snap Peas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. If the plant is hardy to Zone 8, it won’t survive in your garden (although may work as an indoor plant that can survive outdoors in the summer). Japanese Greens                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Gardeners who live in areas colder than Zone 5 should mulch well and preferably plant it near a south-facing stone or brick wall for the reflected heat and shelter from north winds. Cocoyam                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Mache                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. I would like to find out what garden zone we live in. Dill                                             @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Borecole                                          @1.@2F@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Annual minimum temperature for zone 5 is -15ºF. Mangold                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Silverbeet                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Have a look at the map and find the number for your area for growing plants, trees, shrubs, and vines, including annuals and perennials. And a USDA zone 5 plant would actually an AgCan zone 6. For example, if your garden is closer to Lake Ontario, it may be in Zone 6b or even 7. Peanut                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Zone 5 Perennials In order to make shopping for your garden easier, we have gathered all of the perennials we offer for hardiness zone 5 here. Your plant hardiness zone is an important piece of information to guide your garden decisions. • Resistance ... to -15ºC, or to Zone 5. Rosemary                                          @1.@2F@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Mustard greens                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. We are in East York, Toronto, Ontario. Kohlrabi                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8A@9.@10.@11.@12. Ceylon Spinach                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Summers are warm, occasionally hot. Oregano/Pot Marjoram                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Thyme                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Salsify                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Chinese Peas                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Meanwhile, as plants that tolerate dry shade, they are useful for filling up spots in your landscaping where many other plants would be unhappy. Huauzontle                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Here is our Plant Zone Finder for Canada. New Zealand Spinach                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Gumbo                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. For example, if you have a plant that is hardy to Zone 5 and you live in Zone 6, the plant should be happy in your garden (as long as it receives appropriate care – e.g., sun exposure, soil type). Here in Canada we have a wide range of garden zones with variations in each province. Planting Zones in Canada. Asparagus                                          @1.@2F@3M@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. I'm gonna miss out on growing a lot of hardy plants if I say gee I'm colder then zone 5 I better not grow that because canada says I'm zone 4 never mmind my own thermometer says I'm zone 5. If you aren't sure about your hardiness zone, click on the link under the search box that says FIND HARDINESS ZONE, and enter your zip code. Ginger                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Wong bok                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7J@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. Summer squash                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Celery                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Cabbage loose-headed                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. 4. Strawberry plants                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. See also Natural Resources Canada’s Extreme Minimum Temperature Models, It is important to be aware that, in some pockets of the GTA, the zones may be higher or lower. Malabar greens                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5.@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Zone 5 & 6 gardening can be incredibly rewarding, but it absolutely helps to know which plants do well and which won’t. Eggplant                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Collards                                          @1.@2F@3M@4A@5M@6.@7.@8A@9S@10.@11.@12. USDA Growing Zones: 4 to 10 Eschalots                                          @1.@2.@3M@4A@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Each zone consists of 2 sub-zones (a and b, a being the coldest and b the warmest). Beans climbing/snake                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. The Canadian approach is is very different from that of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which bases its system on average annual minimum temperatures; the USDA considers Toronto to be in Zone 5. Fruit Trees to Grow in Zone 5. It is based on the average climatic conditions of each area and is an excellent starting point if you are wondering if a particular plant will over-winter (survive the coolest temperatures) in your area. Our brand new lineup of shade plants for zone 5 solves both these problems and poses a delightful new challenge – that of choosing a few from a stunningly wide range! Basil                                          @1.@2.@3.@4.@5M@6J@7J@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. Most vegetable varieties will have no problem maturing before your first frost date. 30°F to 35°F Zone 10a. Beets                                          @1.@2.@3.@4A@5M@6.@7.@8.@9.@10.@11.@12. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. Canada has a rich diversity of flora occupying its equally diverse ecological regions, such as the warm temperate broadleaf forests of Ontario, the arctic plains of northern Canada, the temperate rainforests in the west coast, arid deserts, and tundra plains, just to name a few.

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