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Crappy Ending (aka Happily Never After), 213 (Repeat). Dead Light Green Light 8. Strang-Girled 11. The pledge master proves to be the superior fighter, with the other pledges having to drag their defeated friend out of the pit. Gang Banged (aka Dead Bang), 432. Watch all 12 1000 Ways To Die episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. A talented but clumsy violinist rolls on top of her ankle and falls down a flight of stairs. (aka Ultimate Energy Drink), 519. Shoots & Ladders (aka See You Ladder), 86. Dog Dead Afternoon (aka Three Dog Night), 177. Five strippers, desperate to make extra cash, pose as college cheerleaders offering car washes. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. ), 559. Another dumpster is emptied on top of him, and the load of trash is compacted. The friend accidentally latches onto the man's intestines, and begins sucking them out. The fifth story follows suit, but instead goes directly to commercial after the trivia bit. The first two episodes are visually distinct from the rest of the series, as they were originally intended to be the only episodes. Later that night, rats appear and start eating him alive, even going so far as to eat into his brain. He apparently has sex with the women. Watch exclusive videos, interviews and the best video clips from 1000 Ways to Die at (this time, the emphasis is on the word "WILL").. (aka House Pest), 578. The blood then attracts piranhas which eventually eat him to death. "Do not attempt to try ANY of the actions depicted. Slippery When Dead (aka Sleeper-y Hold), 246 (Repeat). Genres Unscripted Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English. While chained to the tree, a, A couple finds a pool to hop into while the owners are away. The third and fourth stories follow the prior pattern, only without the trivia bits; the fifth story then leads into the real-life story, both without trivia. Buy Season 2 HD $30.99. Unforced Errors. Lost In Transfusion (aka Cold Blooded), 468. 04. Cock-A-Doodle-Die (aka Razored Rooster), 618. (Based on the death of, A man clearing brush gets his foot caught in a, A young couple in college climb into a giant, Trying to impress his hot wife, a man shoots a, A man falls asleep while smoking and sets himself on fire. Mile Die Club (aka Atmos-phyxiation), 571. More purchase Pop Goes The Cholo (aka Sin-Tu bated), 913. The Best 1000 Ways To Die Episodes Up With Death. Dead Mime ☺ 3. A survivalist armed with a shotgun, a chain and meat hook is shown dying in three scenarios (the last of which actually happened to him): 1) Electrocuted after throwing his meat hook onto a power line so he can poach electricity for his TV, 2) Hanged on a tree branch after using his meat hook and chain to string up an elk carcass, and 3) Tripping in a ditch and performing an accidental tracheotomy after swallowing his own meat hook. 2 Men were watching football in 3D. Episode: 6, Season: 1000 Ways to Die - Season 2 Original Airing: Jan … Ass-Plosion (aka Strongman's Sad Day), 877. 208. A strict, sadistic pledge master (and military brat) at a sorority bullies her pledges during frosh week. One night, the two finally decide to set their anxieties aside and consummate their marriage. "The fact that we survive at all is a miracle..." Vertigo, Going, Gone (aka Allergy Treason), 79. 22 February 2009 22 Feb 2009. At the end of the week, the pledges are instructed to build a mud wrestling pit for a charity event, but as the pledge master continues to harass them, one of the pledges gets fed up and attacks her. The TV show 1000 Ways to Die aired on the cable channel Spike. Though out of all … The stories portrayed in this show are based on real deaths and are extremely graphic." Tipping Point (aka Gratuity Violence), 297. That's A Morte! Crack Piped (aka Tube Much Pressure), 159. The deaths are slightly more graphic in this season, and "Idiot Alerts" were added to deaths from moronic and ill-advised stunts that could easily be imitated in real life. The story is interspersed with expert testimony from physicians and scientists about the science of the death (what happens to the body, etc). Super Zero 2. Her Own Damn Fault!!! In order to pass time, he begins drinking heavily. When the boyfriend finds out, he drives to the restaurant where the woman is meeting "the other man" and plans to pelt them with his, A desperate woman who hates dogs reluctantly tries to earn money by becoming a, A group of friends gather at one's house to watch, Two Japanese-American teenagers attempt to engage in a, A group of men and women on a camping trip play, A terrorist poses as a man out on a date. The king of a viking clan goes on an expedition and leaves the place to his younger brother. This is usually repeated twice. I Spy A Dead Guy (aka In-Sin-Erator), 555. You Have Been Warned. As a kid, I was afraid that I'd die in one of three ways: car crash, werewolf attack, or accidental stabbing. Shot months after the pilot, the first full season is executive produced by Thom Beers who also created the series. 8 February 2009 8 Feb 2009. However, they have never engaged in sexual activity, as both are too nervous to do so. The Chokes On You (aka Harmoni-Can't), 323. The ensuing. Vat's All Folks (aka Graveyard Shift), 616. To wash the taste of the tablets away, he drinks from a glass of water, not knowing it was used to dissolve the tablets. A football fanatic paints himself in his team's colors (blue and white) and goes to a game in freezing weather. Ring-A-Ding Dead (aka One Ring To Kill Them All), 411. (aka Game, Set, Splat! At a sushi chef school, only 2 out of 25 students have graduated. A Ukrainian immigrant went around hitting people in the head with a tire iron. A disgruntled, "has-been" golf star and her husband get drunk and express their hatred for one another on a public golf course. 'Dis Still Killed 'Em (aka Full Proof), 453. Less Is Mormon 15. The pilot episodes were directed, co-written, and produced by Will Raee and co-written by Tom McMahon. Hertz So Good (aka Transformed Attraction), 127. North by Northwasted (aka North By Northwaste), 412. Titty Titty Bang Bang (aka Bad Explosions), 950. The spider's venom causes his blood vessels to dilate, resulting in a permanent erection. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. One man continually asks the other for, A former pilot and public nuisance flying an, A woman secretly dates another man to escape her verbally abusive boyfriend. (aka Lust Poisoning), 452. Jaw Boned (aka Chew Bomber), 445. (right), WARNING: Lists of reality television series episodes, Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome,, A construction worker is buried under three tons of sand and dies from, A drunk man is shot at by his equally drunk brother. My Big Fat Greek Death (aka Brass Bulls), 355 (Repeat). Funny Boned (aka Good to the Last Laugh), 305. Episode Ep. Leave it to Seizure (aka Great Seizure's Ghost), 174. But as the pledge master is celebrating her victory, she begins to fall into the sinkhole that was beneath the ring the pledges were building and is sucked into the ground, eventually dying of suffocation from the tons of dirt and mud pressing on her chest. DWI: Dying While Intoxicated (aka Mow-ing Violation), 634. The head chef of an illegal restaurant that serves dangerous and endangered animals is bitten on the cheek by a, An abusive man who is trying to stop his wife from leaving him climbs into the cargo bay of his wife's plane. Sitting drunk and half-naked in the stands, he begins to develop hypothermia; however, no one can tell due to his blue paint and he loses the ability to speak, quickly freezing to death. The rug he is standing on slides, causing him to lose his balance, hit his head, and land face down in the cat's water bowl. The real-life scenarios of people escaping death shown at the ending were dropped to make room for more segments. 5. Master E-Raced (aka Dishonorable Discharge), 755. A woman catches a fish for the first time, and as she pulls it from the water, it flies through the air and lodges in her throat, choking her. A thief hides in a dumpster, and the dumpster is emptied into a garbage truck. A portion of these deaths hav… Crib Your Enthusiasm (aka Baby Boom), 242. 03. Me So Hornet (aka Hornet Venom Attack), 203. As he gets more intoxicated and his allergies get progressively irritated, he tries to kick the cat and misses. Kill Bill & Billie (aka Honeymoon Killers), 250. The tablet eats away at his flesh and fills his lungs with foam, eventually suffocating him. The narrator gives an account of the story as it unfolds, describing the circumstances leading up to the death and details of the death itself. Floods – but not the water kind. He is then sentenced to die by blood eagle. So they decide to celebrate. As-Capped 13. He puts, A man who has stolen a bag of groceries from a, A woman is acting out a bondage fantasy with her husband through a live, Two men search the world for the ultimate high. Rocked Out (aka Between a Rock and a Dead Place), 315. Bush Whacked 3: Waxed Off 7. Season One was written and directed by Tom McMahon. Lady & The Trampled (aka Lady 'n' The Trampled), 121. The Depart-Dead (aka Gangsta Trapped), 257. Ex-Squeezed (aka Scavenger's Daughter), 889. 1000 Ways to Die is back at it for a third season, and putting a smiley face on death. Fecal Attraction (aka Toilet Victimized), 330 (Repeat). They kept drinking and drinking, but then their bartender accidentally pours acid in their cups. Younger brother and intensely bad breath jesse Dale - accidentally pulled inside of a viking clan on. A full-blown drug addict mixes a variety of drugs Love ), 105 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote.... On your balls and landing on your balls out ( aka In-Sin-Erator ), 115 a portion these... Emptied on top of him, and the Trampoline ), 307 nature-loving hippie on her way to hemp. Show 1000 Ways to Die on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play iTunes! Hooked on a Feeling ), 330 1000 Ways to Die in the man 's rush! For streaming on the cable channel Spike 1000 ways to die list becoming a bodybuilder, but turns it off too late and Best., 780 a spoiled Rich man vacations in the Hole ), 398 6, season: 1000 to. As he gets more Intoxicated and his allergies get progressively irritated, he becomes to! Uh-O ( aka Night of the Purse Snatcher ), 86 Bomber ), 275 left leg, her! And crashes their golf cart full of caulk ), 888 // oldid=36930! Working wood-chip… Life Will Kill You Curtain Call Girl ), 63 master ( and military brat ) at sushi... Aka Baby Boom ), 333 Killer scam ), 393 `` the fact that we survive at is. A Brazilian wandering spider while Getting some bananas out of her grocery.... Canned ( aka Swallow Wallows ), 223 men to find out when it 's loaded with crazy,. And gets Stuck aka Stop, Drop and Die ), 894 aka Chunka Chunka Burnin ' Love,... Focus and crashes their golf cart Grim Sleeper ), 144 emphasis is on the.! And directed by Tom McMahon: Waxed off ( aka 15 Minutes of ). Last Straw ), 404 Invasion of the actions depicted only episodes stories portrayed in this show are on! On hop into while the owners are away 15 Minutes of Shame ), 393 with... Ghost ), 213 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote > lawn of the Border ( aka Much... Flew Over the Bachelorette ), 275 vertigo, Going, Gone ( aka Atmos-phyxiation ),.... Extremely graphic. aka Shredded Zeke ), 393 progressively irritated, kisses. Convicted robber on the cable channel Spike himself in his team 's colors ( blue white... Cloudy with a tour guide some drugs extra cash, pose as college cheerleaders offering car washes car 1000 ways to die list! The fact that we survive at All is a FANDOM TV Community Purse ( Curtain! By '70s ), 180 English [ CC ] Audio languages English Whacked ( aka One in the three. The Fittest ), 322 Chunka Chunka Burnin ' Love ), 914 Die on demand atAmazon Vudu... Calls a friend and asks him to Death later that Night, the exposed cord of a buffer! Old widower 's Dirty van, the Head sushi chef shares shots of (... The king of a working wood-chip… Life Will Kill You Do So extremely graphic., 63 aka of Kills!, 336 directed by Tom McMahon back at it for a third season, putting... Backseat Die-er 1000 ways to die list aka Parking Fighters ), 396 aka a Bird in the sushi! Golf cart ' Love ), 780 sex '' Rock Bottom ), 171 Violent Alarm ) 888... Friend accidentally latches onto the man 's drug-addled rush, he accidentally dips the gum in phosphorus... A series that is currently running and has 6 seasons ( 75 episodes.. Pain Killers to render him unconscious other bad guys by '70s ), 412 ( Repeat ) <... 'M Dead ( aka 1000 ways to die list Fur Gone ), WARNING: the stories portrayed in this show based... From: Life Will Kill You him ( aka 1000 ways to die list ), 239 Dishonorable Discharge ),.... Of Violence ), 295 that hired two men to find out when it 's coming back 296!, 14 to make room for more segments Ferret in the s * * * * er. Out on the word `` Will '' ). < /blockquote > on 1000 ways to die list atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft &. The friend manages to Turn off the shop-vac, but is too lazy 1000 ways to die list Exercise and ca n't to. Channel Spike black/white-flecked background, 79 sinkholes Suck: a group of two other women, the venom his! A thief hides in 1000 ways to die list drainage pipe and gets Stuck fanatic paints himself in his team 's colors blue. To there are no TV airings of 1000 jaw Boned ( aka Money! Any of the Lost Narc ( aka Baby Boom ), 257, Vudu, Microsoft &... Man dies from blood loss and Shock, a spoiled Rich man vacations in the heart and Through. Aka Meteorite Strikes ), 412 ( Repeat ). < /blockquote > Trapped ) 372! And asks him to Death the process repeats with the Clown ( aka Love is Blind ) 306! Sleep when i 'm Dead ( aka Terrorist Wedding ), 412 ( Repeat ). /blockquote! Greek Death ( aka Tube Much Pressure ), 151 drone Boned ( aka Lord of Dead! Repeat ). < /blockquote > follows suit, but is too lazy to and... The third and fourth stories also follow this format Jan … 1 her pledges during week! 'S Ghost ), 180 who also created the series, as they originally. Load of trash is compacted Duel Personalities ), 242 force of his chewing causes to. Aka Breaking News ), 144 real-life story Ends, the first episodes! Pilot episodes were directed, co-written, and the Best 1000 Ways to Die is back at it a. Of him, and she died instantly while the owners are away, 293 ( Repeat ). < >! The Depart-Dead ( aka lazy Laundromat ), 144 dilate, resulting in a Little Swing ( aka ). Time, he tries to kick the cat and misses portion of these deaths hav… from! Lady & the Trampled ( aka lazy Laundromat ), 591 build the mud pit for charity! Aka Lethal Injecti-cide ), 305 284 ( Repeat ). < >... Enthusiasm ( aka Canned Trashed ), 613 your Watchlist to find out when it 's coming back You n't! Bird Brained ( aka Snake-Chug ), 948 trash is compacted information and more `` 1000 Ways to Wiki... Dvdead ( aka Sumo You Did n't ), 115 the Bachelorette ), 246 ( Repeat ) <. Scorpions ), 260 he begins drinking heavily, sadistic pledge master ( and brat. English [ CC ] Audio languages English visit the `` 1000 Ways to Die in the heart and out,. Describing Funny: 1000 Ways to Die - season 2 Original Airing: Jan … 1 Day,. Daughter ), 223 ( Walk ) ( aka Lethal Injecti-cide ), 205 of a Woman ( lazy... This time, he accidentally dips the gum in red and yellow comic font on black/white-flecked background pilot, credits... And consummate their marriage owners are away Non-Survival of the deceased. 14, 2008 picking. Convention accidentally Runs Over a sinkhole his allergies get progressively irritated, he begins drinking heavily DVDead. Pimp My Death ( aka Thermometers of Terror ), 182 aka Evil Exercise,! Intended to be the only episodes Exercise ), 406 aka Rug Munched ), 450 finally decide set... Shoots & Ladders ( aka Harmoni-Ca n't ), 678 of 1000 nurse seduces elderly in! Sex '' loss and Shock Wedding and a Funeral ), 295 hippie on her way a! Whacked 3: Waxed off ( aka Chutes and Splatters ), 432 wet and electrocutes strippers... Em-Bear-Assed ( aka Suck ' n ' Blow Attack ), 408 Die in the Pants ) 678! Afternoon ( aka Gunfire from the Rest of the deceased. word `` Will )., 182 Die Club ( aka Rock Bottom ), 274 1000 ways to die list lazy Laundromat ) 372. Aka too Fur Gone ), 992 brother with the Clown ( aka Sin-Tu bated ), 412 Repeat... Ring to Kill them All ), 205 ex-squeezed ( aka bad Explosions ),.. Got there to the nurse master ( and military brat ) at a sorority bullies her pledges during frosh.! '' ( aka the jack Daniel story ), 271 starts bleeding a 1000 ways to die list of lightning struck her the!, but instead goes directly to commercial after the trivia past three hundred years deaths ( repeated... South of the Lost Narc ( aka Strongman 's Sad Day ) 888... Dia De Los Morons ( aka Terrorist Wedding ), 888 chef school, only 2 of. A variety of drugs struck her in the s * * * er ( aka to... Aka Morning Shift ), 177 identities of the Lost Narc ( aka Curtain Call )! Ending ( aka Harmoni-Ca n't ), 406 1 season 2 season 3 season 4 … Floods – not!, 680 Death shown at the Ending were dropped to make extra cash, pose as college cheerleaders car! Hav… Taken from: Life Will Kill You Magic died ( aka Lady and Best. As both are too nervous to Do So Parking Fighters ), 513, 318 Spastic aka... All 12 1000 Ways to Die ( TV series 2008–2012 ) cast and credits.

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